2012 Kia Optima

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It will becalled the K5 in other markets, but Ki seems to want to keep the Optima name in the US.
The new Sonata cousin looks like another nice looking sedan.

If it turns out close to this at all….

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  1. Look at where the glass and roof meet. It has the same 3-sided rectangle there as it does in the grille. And yes, if it is anywhere close to as good looking as this hints…wow.

  2. It's not a coincidence that the Koreans, and specifically, Kia have taken off recently with their styling… didn't they hire the dude responsible for the Audi TT before this new look debuted?

  3. Looks much better than that Sonata hack job…Maybe offer a manual tranny in the sport version of this unlike the Sonata.

  4. I was looking at the spy photos you posted earlier and the front seems to follow this rendering very closely, even where the front hood begins. I really hope it looks this great

  5. I've been around longer than I would like to admit. I used to hate these Killed In Action (KIA) cars with a passion. So it's hard for my brain to think they can actually be made well. Can these have the quality of Honda, and Toyota? Is it really time to change our thinking? I guess I think to much about the chick, and cool factor. I need to sell myself not the car. Although I do feel better about myself when driving an Audi, Lexus ect.. and you can get a 3 year old used one for the same price

  6. Wow, it amazes me how far they come. Wouldn't be strange seeing this parked next to the Kia Sephia? Lol. That's how long they came.

  7. Hyundai is doing a very nice job of improving its cars and overall corporate image — but, in every instance, Kia is turning out the best-looking vehicles under the broad Hyundai umbrella. Actually, Kia is showing off some of the handsomest cars in each vehicle segment in which it competes, period. But how's the quality as compared to the ostensibly upmarket Hyundai brand? Just as good these days? Sure hope so, cuz Kia metal is slick indeed.

  8. Anonymous Feb8,11:53AM said…
    …Can these have the quality of …Toyota?

    God, I hope NOT!

    Anonymous Feb8,6:50PM said…
    i believe this chop is based on the c-xf jag concept

    GOOD CALL! thought that rendering reminded me of something

    on topic –
    Yup, looks good 🙂

  9. Kia and Hyundai quality is now better than it's Japanese competition.

    Thanks to the new head designer poached from Audi in 2006, the new designs are simply stunning. If the actual car looks like this, it will rock the segment. Mark my word, if this car reaches market with a V6 and decent specs, I'll be leaving behind the europeans and buying Korean for the first time.

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