2011 Scion Tc

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I’ll say it’s about time. A new Tc. Finally.

2010 is the 6th model year for the coupe.
Which I always thought looked rather boring.
A great idea on paper: a 2 door hatchback with standard glass roof and the Camry engine.
I really was waiting for this one.
But then, it actually came out. And looked like if it had already been out for 5 years…
So a new one is really welcome.
Same idea.
Now with the newer 2.5 Liter and 18 inch wheels.
But is it really “new”? Or “all new”?
Toyota has already been using words like “all new” and “2nd generation” to describe the 2011 model.
But from these pictures (Taken from a promo video), it looks like it could just be a “facelift”, with a new front and rear. Maybe a new interior…
What they need is an all new car. With much more style and personality than the current one.
We’ll see…

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  1. that overhead shot looks like it's really an all new car. Is it a fastback now? i TOTALLY agree it's time for an ALL NEW tC!

  2. It doesn't look like an all new model, maybe a heavily refreshed model or a reskin.

    The current tC was always a lackluster vehicle. It wasn't sporty and it wasn't fun to drive. I'd take a Mazda3 or a Kia Koup over it any day of the week.

  3. Looks good. I hope that it's a huge improvement over the current one, which is a joke. Just today, go figure, I was next to one that had a coffee can exhaust. It was making all sorts of farty racket, and of course was taunting me. When the light turned green, his exhaust started sounding like a mosquito with a megaphone and he took off like a mule. All bark and no bite. Without even breathing hard, my bone stock S4 walked away from him like he was standing still. Then again, so did the graffiti covered delivery van on the other side of him. What a feeble vehicle. Yeah, time for a replacement to the SC.

  4. Anonymous a few comments up was not too far off.. now that we've seen it, it actually looks like a really awkward 2-door version of the awkward Lexus HS!

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