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Nissan and mercedes Benz just announced a partnership a couple of days ago, and now we already hear a future Infiniti model will be using Mercedes 4 cylinder engines.

That was quick…
It would seem that a smaller model than the current G series would be getting these engines. The G is soon to be available with a smaller 2.5 V6 option.
So an even smaller engine would make sense for the smaller model.
We’ll see…

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  1. i read on another blog that Mercedes doesn't feel that its buyers cross shop with Infiniti. I can tell them that we do. I've owned 2 Mercedes, and the last one I only kept 18months. That E320 was SUCH A POS that it was in the shop literally every other week. I took a bath on depreciation when I traded it in on a Q45. I've had that Q for 9 years now, I will never buy another car, it's that great.

    I think the idea of a Mercedes engine in an Infiniti is a scary one. I hope Infiniti's engineers look it over REALLY REALLY well first, and don't just take what MB throws at them. I'm not encouraged by this news at all.

  2. I'm not too sure about this either. All I can think of is how Mercedes screwed up Chrysler. I hope they don't screw up Infiniti. I'also don't think that Infiniti needs any of Mercedes' engines. Nissans engines are just fine. I'm sure that Nissan is capable of making a decent 4 cyl with whatever options on it. One other thing…I'm not crazy about the 2.5 v6. If it were me, I'd build turbo di 4 cyl's. You could have nonturbo's in some of the nissans, and turbos in some of the nissans and infiniti's and then you could put the big v6 in high end nissans (including versions for trucks) and other infiniti's. That would give you a nice assortment of engines while keeping costs down. But what do I know?

  3. On another site a good point was made. MB sells the engines to Infiniti who then take on the risk of selling them. If the cars are easily/greatly accepted by the NA consumer then MB will most likely accelerate any plans of offering a 4 banger in its cars in NA. Seems like a pretty slick way to test bed market acceptance of a luxury 4banger.

  4. Mercedes ranks toward the bottom in terms of quality…why didn't they develop their own engine? this partnership seems like a really stupid idea. an answer to the question nobody was asking.

  5. I am driving right now the G35S and I am very happy with it. If Infiniti places a MB engine in a future G, I will not buy it. Infiniti is risking its brand reputation for reliability by dicking around with aliances with MB. If I wanted a badge and reliabilty problems I would buy a MB. It is a better idea for Infiniti to swap technologies with MB on how to improve the noise and ride, given sporty suspension set ups. That is where Infiniti could improve and go to the top of the rankings. That, and better looking wheels in base models.

  6. I am very proud of my Infinitis. I have owned 3. All a joy to drive , all vault solid even at 120,000 miles. You can't beat them.

  7. I am a huge infiniti/ Nissan fan. They really build a good car. it will be very good to put their heads together with Mercedes. I honestly think this will bring us all some great cars at good prices. I am excited at the future possibilities of this relationship

  8. I find it comical that everyone is bashing Mercedes for their reliability.

    I have a 2004 C230 with 160K+ without a single major or minor failure to speak of.

    As for Infiniti reliability? My wife HAD to have a FX after a good friend of the family got theirs. We bought a 2006 and it was hands down the worst vehicle we have ever owned. Interior was literally falling apart after 70,000 miles and it looked awful. The transmission had to be reflashed several times and the main seal failed.

  9. my infiniti has had zero problems, (g35), my neighbors lexus has had two major repairs , and my brother in law's acura is loaded with problems.

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