Buick Excelle Turbo 2.0

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The Chinese Buick version of the Opel Astra is already available with a 1.6 Liter Turbo with over 180hp.

The car we are getting over here next year is this upcoming sedan version.
And they have been testing this 2.0 Turbo version for the more upscale 4 door.
The same engine makes 220hp in the new Regal.
It would be quite an engine in a smaller car like the Astra.
We’ll see if it makes it over here.
Think about it:
a 220hp compact sedan from Buick.
Who would have known….

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  1. I've got to say, that interior is right on the money – sophisticated yet sporty – especially when you assume this thing will be starting in the high teens/low 20s.

  2. i like it – but i wish buick would minimize the chrome tailight surrounds on all of their vehicles. its pushing gaudy.

    a little thinner would allow them to be taken even more seriously.

  3. "i wish buick would minimize the chrome tailight surrounds….
    a little thinner would allow them to be taken even more seriously."

    BOO! Buicks are supposed to be on the glitzy side.
    Its part of their charm. Leave the plain stuff to BMW and Lexus.

  4. lol, I was just going to say how much I LIKE the chrome trim above the taillights. I like the way it outlines the top and trails off towards the center of the car, spotlighting the Buick logo.

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. With that powerful engine this car would really stand out from the field.

  5. forgot to say I hope that Buick uses a different name than Excelle. I don't like the way it looks or sounds. have there been any rumors as to what it might be called? i can't remember any,

  6. I like it…looks like another winner for these guys.

    I'm surprised they don't have a CUV yet based upon the Equinox / Terrain…I'm sure it's coming.

    Also – I wonder if they are planning a Grand National of the Regal…it's clear they're not affraid of turbo's.

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