Hyundai Sonata Coupe?

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The all new Sonata seems to be a very popular car.

And there have been rumors of more versions. Like a coupe, but even a convertible and a wagon.
Not sure what this is, but it does look like a “Sonata with 2 doors”.
Unless it is something else. Maybe the new Kia Optima coupe…
Thanks to reader Milos for this.

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  1. burlapp, i can see the hyundai rims, and the shape of the rear of the car, i even see the tail lights. its the sonata coupe most definitely

  2. It's definitely sporting Sonata wheels. The camo on the back is the same as the Kia Optima wore and the rear quarter windows look Optima-ish. It definitely one or the other but which one is a toss up. I'd love to see an Optima coupe (or even better a convertible).

  3. Count me as one of the few people who don't like the new Sonata one little bit. It represents the vanillazation of our roads. The front looks like something Toyota would design. I was behind one in traffic, and the rear is a disjointed nightmarish design. Everything else is just so-so. The Kia version is much sportier and a much more substantial design IMHO.

  4. Is it just me, or do I see a little notched step-down in the window behind the door.. just like the Genesis coupe? That would lead me to believe this is a Sonata coupe.

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