2012 Mercedes CLS

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Looks like the real thing this time.

And I still do not think it is an improvement, in any way, over the current model.
The current car is one of the best looking sedan ever, and nothing I see here improves on it.

It follows the current “mach square” Mercedes trend.
The current interior is also splendid. I can’t imagine much better in the new one.

Some cars just shouldn’t be redesigned….

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  1. I agree that the CLS is great looking, but it is getting old. I think this is a photoshop, but the previous pictures of it in silver looked great.. Though I really dont understand the placement of the mirrors?

  2. Vince – Someone OBVIOUSLY altered our original CLS shots (too many points to mention) – but, in any case – please remove our copyrighted material.

    But anytime you'd like to purchase something – just let me know.

    Brenda Priddy

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