2011 Toyota Corolla

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Well, at least for Thailand.
But so far, the one sold here has been pretty much the same as over there.
So it is safe to expect similar changes for the US market next year.

I predict a tough life for the current Corolla once the new Focus comes out…

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  1. That facelifted Corolla went on sale here in Israel a month or so ago and there's already plenty on the roads.

  2. Hasn't this Corolla already been around for fifteen years? People buy them and sacrificed by owning these miserable cars because everyone thought they were, ahem, reliable. Now we know better. Toyota is taking a nosedive and, having owned a Toyota, I'm happy to see them decline rapidly.

  3. Thailand Toyotas are more upscale than North American models which is unfortunate but just the way it is. In spite of recent issues, the Toyota Corolla is still reliable, they are not exciting and they are not bullet proof like they once were. Anyone who has owned/driven a late model compact knows the bar is not set very high especially by the domestic brands.

  4. The current model has been around for over three years. Being a past and current Corolla owner, my 04 Corolla has been very reliable. I am not a fan of the current model myself. The interior surrounded by hard plastics. I am hoping the next major redesign has a better interior like that of my 97 and 04 Corollas.

  5. you don't have to like toyota, i certainly have no intention of owing one in the near future, but corolla is rated as one of the most reliable small car, that includes the current model, you can complain about how boring it is and how it has cheap rental car interior, but there's certainly no drastic "decline" to speak of, they've been that way for a long time already

  6. Polishing a turd I guess. With new cars in the segment like the upcoming Focus, Cruze, and Jetta…the Corolla needs a major overhaul. Toyota needs designers who can put some style and personality into their cars.

  7. I drive one of these as a company car. We looked at a few other brands and in the end we purchased a Corolla. Sure it might not look quite as good as its competitors but it blows them away in comfort and drivability.

  8. "… corolla is rated as one of the most reliable small car, that includes the current model"

    It's odd really, I know that they're rated very highly. But in my (limited) real-world experience has been terrible. I've never had one break down on me, but I've never had any car break down on me. Corollas are just cheap cheap cheap, with lots of corner cutting and strange noises. The example that stands out the worst, was a colleagues whose car had a whirring noise coming out of the speakers that started about three months after she bought it. It took about a year and four trips to the dealer for it to get completely fixed. I"m not an expert on Corollas, but I've experienced them enough to avoid them at the rental counter.

  9. Toyota should really lose the drooping ball sack that they place their grille symbol in. Does anyone like the way this looks?????

  10. I drove an '04, the beginning of the current series, for 3 years in L.A. traffic.

    I think 1:02 p.m. hones in on why this car remains so popular – it does many things better than most cars in its segment, and remains a reliable and comfortable vehicle that gets the job done.

    I don't have particularly fond feelings for the car, but it never let me down. It's the perfect size, but it does need a host of improvements to remain competitive – improved suspension is what comes immediately to mind. Of lesser concern, it should have an auto tranny w/ 6 gears, softer interior surfaces, and struts instead of hinges for the trunk.

    Re styling, I get nervous when Japanese designers try to be stylish – the last really attractive Toyota was the '93-'96 Camry. I think a better move would be for the Japanese to focus on engineering while the Americans focus on style, design, and act as a double check for the Japanese engineers.

  11. The facelifted Corolla in north america is different than that. The grill is more like the white one, only the bar is body color (although I've only seen a LE or ce model not S or XRS) The trunk lid is different too, it has a spoiler incorperated into the edge of it.

  12. They've bastardized (Camryized?) it. corolla just went from bland to invisible. Not to mention irrelevent.

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