2011 Chevrolet Montana.

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Not for us.

The tiny pick up will be offered in South America.
With a choice of a 1.4 and 1.8 Liter engine.

I think it looks like something that would sell here too.
If GM was really looking for something different that is.

Like taking a chance in pioneering a new market.

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  1. i have been saying this for years, this is all anyone needs , other than the real redneck losers. a good car based truck that carries a little weight….done!

  2. Nobody in the US would buy this. You'd be lucky to hit 10,000 units per year and I think that's being optimistic. Americans don't even buy conventional cars that are this small in any sicnificant numbers yet. Throwing a pickup bed on the back isn't going to help matters.

  3. GM tried to start something new with the Pontiac Aztec. The Nova Montana in North America would be a laughing stock. The Holden Commodore Ute would be much better for a car based pickup in the USofA.

    I've always thought a Camaro, Mustang, or Charger based pickup would be a smart new market.

  4. I don't drive pick ups but this is pretty cool. The only reason I can think that they do not do it is they don't want to take sales from their big pickups?

  5. AS expected , the redneck losers that mortgage their first born to get a "Full-Size" gas guzzling piece of crap are complaining. Whiners!

    To the Intelligent, sensible ones, this is a winner. The best version would be a crew cab 4 seater.

  6. But, it has a great personality. Get it? I'm saying it ugly. I would not own it 'cause it's plain old ugly. Did I mention that it's ugly?


  7. YIKES! And it probably can't tow a triple-axle 5th-wheel camper… or for that matter even a 26' boat!

  8. To the Intelligent, sensible ones, this is a JOKE!

    A Dodge Minivan will get better gas mileage, tow a bigger trailer, and have about TWICE the cubic feet of volume inside. And be more stable in emergency manuvers. And be quieter. And smoother. And faster. And more comfortable. And better in snow. Or rain. And look a LOT better. And have better resale value. And I think theres a very good reason we don't see these in the U.S. A lot of very good reasons.

  9. No Vince. That thing would never sell well here.

    I imagine a better success with a Chevy badged Holden Ute though.

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