2012 Hyundai Azera

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It already looks more original than the Genesis sedan.
Which isn’t saying much, really.

But I am still not sure why they would even try this again. It’s not like the Avalon and Maxima sell in big numbers anymore.
The Sonata tops at about $28 000 and the Genesis starts at $33 000. I guess they feel the need to fill that $5000 void.
Or just be like everyone else…

We’ll see….

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  1. headlights look like ones you'd fing on a toyota crown, which is a good thing. The rest of the car look identical to the sonata.

  2. Filling the $5000 void is exactly what they want to do. Also, in certain parts of the country a RWD car is a non-starter. And some people insist on a V6.

  3. i have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. There is a market for big, comfortable, fwd, cruisers for people like my senior citizen parents. This car will be perfect for them in Colorado where RWD, even with stability control just is not as good. I hope these really are pics of the Azera and not the refreshed Genesis that is also coming out for 2012.

  4. This is going to look a lot better. I'm glad they apparantly improved the front end of the car. If you ask me, that's what needed the most work. I hope they did'nt make it look too much like the Sonata, otherwise what would be the point of this car. I like the c pillar area.

  5. Vince this is for those conservative type that thinks the Sonata is a bit over done. Plus u'll have those returning Azera customers looking for an update. I would still go for the Genesis over this though. I did read that it will have the V6 from the Genesis. "Bonus"

  6. Why did it take them so long for the refresh for 2011 (and since it was that close to the new one, why'd they bother?). I guess the 2011 Azera's will be collector's items?

    Btw, this new one looks good. I like it better than the Kia Cadenza already.

  7. Hyundai will eventually want to take the Genesis upmarket in price. They had to keep it very affordable to build up a reputation for a luxury nameplate. As the Genesis becomes more well known for quality and luxury, they'll be able to raise the price..

    That lets the new Azera fit in nicely.

  8. Vince, The Genesis is going to priced higher come next gen-leaving a higher gap for Azera to slot in. Next Gen Genesis will be out by 2013/2014.

  9. The only thing that really kept me from buying the last one was that generic "Lexus/Toyota-Like" interior. Unless they upgrade to the level of LaCrosse or MKZ I won't be buying this one either.

  10. Hyundai is keeping the Azera around because parts commonality between it and the Sonata seem to have increased immensely with the new model.. since costs are relatively low, what do they have to lose in marketing it here? Plus, it's now the only way to get a V6 in your front-drive Hyundai sedan.

  11. Hello? They need something to compete with the Lexus ES and what ever other boring cars are in that class.

  12. I think this will be much better compared to the boring, stodgy model it will replace.

    Plus I like the new exterior design it has more of a premium look to it.

  13. looks like it has good proportions..and also the same chrome accent that stems from the head lamps as the new sonata.

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