Opel GTC Concept

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This coupe version of the Astra looks production ready to me.
And ready to become a small Buick as well.

Although that might just be me daydreaming again…

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  1. This car looks GREAT!!! Inside and out. Particularly the exterior. The engine is of particular interest to me. Is this the NEW ecotec engine that I've read somewhere that'll come out sometime in the future? I hope so and I hope we all see it in the new Buick Regal GS….at least in a year or two.

  2. Now this is a hot lil car. The only thing I don't like, is that gm is using the same design theme in the interiors for everyline.

  3. Please G.M., don't bring this sporty, good looking shooting break to the US. I mean, look at it, with it's three pedals and sharp interior design. What are we Americans to think of it? How are we to eat our Big Macs and change gears at the same time, that is after we get our fat asses into this, this….thing? Don't tell me it gets great gas mileage, too? Damn it!!

  4. To Anon 9/24/10 5:17pm:

    That was funny….good one. I have a feeling we might see this one in the USA. And I think we would see it with a stick too. As a Buick. I drove a stick myself for about 12 years but I have to admit…I still have trouble driving and shifting gears in the middle of a turn while eating a big mac, drinking a mikkey d's smoothie (they are yummy but I digress), while texting on the phone while at the same time flipping off the pedestrian who who was stupid enough to walk in front of my car:)

  5. Americans want tan minivans with twelve big gulp cupholders and eight seats to carry their bratty fat spawn to WalMart. This will never work there. The Highlander below is more in-line with that sensibility.

  6. Chevy should have brought this over instead of the lame Chevy Snooze. I saw the Cruze in Europe last week and it is even less exciting in person. I don't care which nameplate does it but someoned needs to bring the Astra here soon.

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