2012 Lexus GS

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Sorry, just a very blurry image/illustration so far.

The new GS might be the first of the current Lexus models to be redesigned as a pure Hybrid lineup.
A shorter version of the new platform will be used for the next IS.

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  1. Wow, this looks like an ES fused with an IS in GS proportions! In a very good way 🙂 I wonder if this finally means the end of the ES?? With this design, I think so.

  2. NICE!!! I like it. We'll see what it ends up looking like when they take a pic of it with a working autofocus:)

  3. Somebody said that it could also be the next Crown… I could see that since it's pretty aggressive and sporty looking. Whatever it is I do hope it makes it to the USA. It's pretty nice looking.

  4. The new Lexus/Toyota brakes don't fail as often as the previous ones, but they do shimmy a bit upon use.

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