2012 Hyundai Azera video

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I guess this is as much as we can see of a car before it actually comes out.
Caught on the road somewhere in Korea.

A much more impressive looking car than the current generation.
I think the LaCrosse and Maxima could have something to worry about…

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  1. Vince, you said a couple of weeks ago that there is no point for this car in the existing line up. You know what? You might end up wrong…

  2. Maxima already has a whole lot to worry about. But LaCrosse? Hardly.

    This is a nice Hyundai, though. Tail light looks good from a distance — up close kinda cheezy. I suspect the interior will be more in that same vein.

  3. Vince, I completely agree with you. Will there be an AWD version of this car?

    The horsepower numbers look good as well, 3.3 GDI V6 @286 HP and 255 lb ft torque. Some other highlights:

    Heated steering wheel
    Heated and cooled seats
    Driver Park Assist
    Lane Departure Warning
    HID headlamps
    LED rear tail lamps

  4. Sonata uses Lexus design language and this Azera uses Mazda design language. Seems a little backwards from a pricing perspective unless they are using volume as their metric.

  5. Gorgeous…and I think it's great that Hyundai has found itself a styling theme that is not only smashing but follows up and down their line. There are so many new Sonata's on the road here in the DC Metro area that it's clear the "Excel legacy" is forgotten once and for all. Fairfax Hyundai recently moved to a defunct Buick/GMC dealer location. That alone says a lot.

  6. Agreed.. it's pretty much a slightly upsized Sonata with a V6.. but damn if it doesn't look good! Much classier than the Sonata IMO, particularly in the rear.. and carrying some of the Equus styling cues to boot. This might give the base Genesis something to worry about as well.

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