2012 Mercedes C Class

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Small changes outside.
More changes inside.

The whole thing still looks good.
And I guess I am getting a bit used to the newer Mercedes blocky interior designs. Or is it the classy tan/black combo on the picture?

The bigger news is the return of a smaller 1.8 Liter engine in the base model.

And the really big news for the C Class is the upcoming 2 door Coupe version, to better compete with the 3 series. As well as the Audi A5.

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  1. I really dislike tan/black combos. If I want a tan interior, I want a tan dashboard and steering wheel. When a manufacturer only offers a black dash, it makes me think they were too cheap to do it is tan or gray, or whatever other color of seating is offered.

  2. I think it is gorgeous and classy, as Mercedes always will be.

    The interior is a huge improvement.

    To: December 22, 2010 3:55 PM

    It is called contrast, guy. I guess you don't know too much about design.

    Take a look at what Audi does…

  3. Glad to know I'm the only one who thought C-classes were "boxy". Not all Benz cars are boxy, I have a CLK and it is not boxy at all. However, my car was in the shop once at the dealer loaned me out a 2010 C-class and it felt very "boxy" and really different from my car. The brakes were too powerful too, when I braked it would stop real hard. Plus I didn't have good visibility at all when changing lanes (better visibility in my clk due to C-pillar windows I guess).

  4. I have a CLK as well and the new C-Class is just so down-market in relation. The brakes are stupidly too powerful and the C-class just lacks any sense of style and elegance. The transmission shifts better in the new C-class though.

  5. Origional c-class/190 had an uncanny resemblence to the remarkably popular K-Car twins. Same size, v. similar styling/grill/tailights–even similar 2.2 engines.

    Makes me wonder what a 2011 Plymouth Reliant/dodge Aries would look like.

  6. Looks OK…They need to fix that 1989 Hyundai back-end though. I would like to see the dash in a tan as well…Black dash is for douchebag Jones.

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