What is your dream car?

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If money was no object.
Or, if things were just a little better.

What car would you actually buy???

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  1. I'd have Ford make me it's Super-Chief or Interceptor concept, or make Aston Martin make me the One-77 RS and achieve 50mpg. I don't know how… but money can probably fix that.

    Oh.. or I'd buy a Tramontana, with a digital-camo paint job.

    Of cars that I can' actually afford, the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, and Ford Cmax(short version) are my top picks.

  2. Since the day it was first announced, it has been crystal clear in my mind that if I won the lottery, I would buy an Aston Martin Rapide. And if we're talking classics, to me the most sexy and beautiful car ever built is the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale of 1967

  3. Something unique – and my choice would be a Citroen Metropolis. I guess, I always had a weak spot for big french cars…

  4. That's a tough question for me. If money was no object, there would be about 10 cars that I would consider "must haves". But if I had to pick one……

    2006 Ford GT

    I have also, always wanted a Corvette if I ran into a little extra money.

    There are better cars out there but I've always liked the looks, performance and history of these vehicles

  5. My dream car is a Maserati Gran Turismo S. But I would even take an Infiniti G37S Coupe. Still working towards that.

  6. anything the s makes nm ow is a dream f to the rest of the world so m y dream cars are every where ai fo in the beautuilu usa

  7. Tough… just one dream car? I would throw a couple, as well as bikes!

    For me, a Lexus GS350 would do the trick & a Honda VFR 1200. It´s a shame that these two are not available in Guatemala.

  8. I'm a fan of Hyundai, Fords and Hondas…
    I like Cadillacs…

    BUT if money were no object, including with gas mileage, I would take an SRT8 version of the NEW Grand Cherokee… So long as it doesn't have a 5-speed auto!

  9. Originally, my absolute dream vehicle was the Porsche 911 Turbo, but after owning one, that 'dream status' quickly faded away.

    I replaced my 911 Turbo with a Lotus Exige S240 in 2008, and have to say that (though I didn't know it at the time) this is my absolute dream car – fast, light, nimble, reliable, yet still exotic.

  10. 2012 Nissan GT-R. The GT-R used to be "cheap" but they quickly learned that if they're faster than a 911 they can charge as much as a 911.

    Still $90K for a Nissan that can beat nearly any Porsche around Nurburgring is a bargain in someone's world. Just not mine.

  11. 2b2 says:
    I agree largely with "Education Project"…

    since all I want for Crimmas is a Mercury,
    I'll have to customize something.

    As for what I can afford currently, that's easier: keep what I've got

  12. Tough to narrow it down to just 1 or 2. So here's my xmas list:

    Porsche 4-door; Phantom 'vert; Defender long wheelbase; 300c long wheelbase (with SRT Hemi & 4wd added). '70 Superbird. '11 Dodge power-wagon 4-dr. STS. Escalade pickup. 7-series long wheelbase V12. 200c 'vert. '64 Grand Prix & also a '67 Grand Prix ('vert preferably). Ram Longhorn 4-dr TD Dually & matching Ford King ranch. '11 Jag XJ; '66 New Yorker Town & Country + 440V8. Wrangler Black-Opp. Navigator LWB. Volvo 80 modified into a hardtop 'vert. (C40 is ideal styling but too small) A8. Bently Mulsane Sedan. MB E-class vert but with the sedan's much better looking dash. '64 Cad 'Vert; '64 & '72 Riverias; '70 De Ville 'Vert 7 '70 Fleetwood Broughamn; 'cuda Vert; '11 Mustang Shelby 'Vert; '10 Viper; Duesenburg Pheaton (several); Avante 4-dr; Lincoln Continental 4-dr 'vert. (In addition to what I now have).

    The limiting factor is how many vehicles the love-of-my-life would let me have at once. (She's always quick to point out that cars are not one of the better investment oppertunities out there)

  13. Strangely enough, it would be a Renault Avantime… Otherwise a Citroën C6 for its magic carpet ride. Or probably a Land Rover LR4.

  14. The New Bently GT Coupe- the fast one with NO CHROME.! (sorry don't know mt Bently Model names that well)

  15. GS460h is the most impressive car I've ever driven. So maybe that one, or I'll have someone to make me a wagon out of the Genesis. I would also get a bigger garage.

  16. For me, money no object, gotta have a Lotus Carlton/Omega! Would love to build up a '69 Grand Prix also.

    I have no dream new cars, but if I had that kind of cash, I'd love a CTS-V wagon, or I'd splurge on a Panamera Turbo.

  17. Alfa Romeo Brera with the 2.0 liter diesel. Unbelievably beautiful Italian styling with over 40mpg. What else could one want in a car.

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