2013 VW Golf

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They are now saying the next Golf will be coming out in the 2nd half of 2012.
Which would be about a year after the all new Cabriolet based on the current version.
Making that model almost obsolete soon after it comes out…

We’ll see…

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  1. That's a sweet looking hatch. Glad they are sticking to a timeless design. Trendy designs age faster. I just hope they dont water it down like the Jetta and New Passat. That's got me thinking now…Maybe if one really wants a great GTI, maybe you better run and get one before the new one comes out.

  2. The one thing I like about VW is that their hatches are made like a clown car. They fit 6ft'ers with some room to spare. I've just never like their interiors.

  3. Now we all know that they will probably pull what they did with the Mk4. Use the Mk3 body and graft on the Mk4 front end. This time it'll be Mk6(more like Mk5)body/Mk7 face.

    I don't get how certain cars get rapid updates and others rot away and are treated like the Panther platform.

  4. I'm sure the styling won't be objectionable. MY concern is that they're going to cost-cut the hell out of it like they did the Jetta for U.S. I'm CERTAIN that everything but the GTI will get that hideous beam axle/ panhard-rod combo. (That's Plymouth Reliant hardware!!) Also, I'm sure that the interior will be Ueber cheap as the new Jetta. No fold-flat seats, etc.. Despite what much of the press/ onlookers say about the MKVI interior, it's a COST-CUTTED interior compared to the MKV.

  5. Since 1985 a Golf is a Golf, is a Rabbit is a Golf is a Rabbit is a Golf. Still the same car for 26 years. Can you say "BORING"? Can you say this is your grandfather's Golf?
    Yes, Yes, Yes.

  6. Same ancient chassis, suspension, and engine (except for the TDI). The only thing new on Golfs is the exterior makeup. Another fail from VW

  7. Wow, there's alot of bullshitt comments here about the Golf.

    "Despite what much of the press/ onlookers say about the MKVI interior, it's a COST-CUTTED interior compared to the MKV."

    Well, that's a heck of horse shit. The Golf 6's interior is lightyears ahead of the 5's. It also rides better, handles better, it basically does everything better than the 5.

    As for the US Jetta, to meet the right marked they had to lower the price, while making the car bigger. That's bad news for some, but good news for everyone else.

    The European car marked is very different from the American market. We but different cars over here in Europe, and demand other things from our cars. The Golf is currently the best selling car in Europe. VW only evovle the car design one slet at a time with each new generation. As the saying goes; "why fix it if it ain't broke".

    Europeans demand reminement, handling, quality materials before interior space, while Americans demand the oposite. Just look at the best selling cars in each market.

  8. As far as European buyers are concerned they demand "cheap". European cars in Europe are worse in reliability, quality and refinement than their American counterparts. They are junk, worse than they are here in the USA.
    For example VW almost went out of business in the USA in the early 90s because they had gotten so bad in quality and reliability. They have gotten a "little bit" better here, but still are on the bottom of the pile.
    Even Hyundai has surpassed VW in the USA in quality, reliability and value.
    As far as handling and fun to drive go, the Germans gave up "Fahrvergnugen" to Japan 10-12 years ago. Japanese cars are as much fun to drive, handle well and are much better in quality than anything from Europe.
    Sorry, but the comments on here about the Golf are not "bullshitt", they are from former VW owners (as I am).

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