More pictures of the all new Chevrolet Sonic

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A few people got to drive the new Sonic in Indiana yesterday.
Here are some pictures.

I almost forgot about the Sonic.
It does look quite interesting, and the available 1.4 Liter Turbo, which works fine in the Cruze, should be an even better match for the smaller Sonic.
And quite a good performer too.

More on the Sonic as soon as I can get my hands on one….

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  1. One of the nicest interiors for an econ box, to bad the resale value is so poor, and the fuel economy .
    If this thing got 45 mpg it would sell very well .

  2. It looks okay except for the overly long and huge schnoz up front. Way too much overhang there – it's a wonder the thing doesnt tip forward while braking.

  3. Anon 11:42…

    What are you talking about? This isn't even available yet.

    Some people are just downers.

  4. The Chevrolet "we don't move forward with the names of cars we've marketed in the past because we don't want anyone to remember them" Sonic?

  5. I thoroughly inspected a Sonic at the AutoShow. As expected for the class of car it is in, it was a very plasticy however unlike competing cars, it felt cheap when you open/close the doors and hatch.

    I'll take an Accent/Rio/Fiesta before this.

  6. That interior may look nice for this class in pictures, but it is Awful! They had these at the auto show in Vancouver, and every other car in it's class feels more expensive.

  7. This car could be a design lesson in what NOT to do, inside and out. It's hideous from every angle.
    That instrument panel has to be one of the strangest I've ever seen.

    I'm a big fan of hatchbacks/wagons, but I think Honda, Toyota and Hyundai do much better in this segment.

  8. They deleted the side indicator turn signals for North America? Ridiculous!

    -yep, they cut the same corners that Lexus, Mercedes, Audi & BMW do– no repeater lights in NA. If you want repeaters in NA then buy a Ford, GM or Chrysler (they're in the side mirrors). And on the Chrysler 300 they'll even throw in rear fog lights!

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