All new Citroen DS5

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Caught on the freeway in Europe.

I guess this would be based on the C5 sedan. So it might be pretty large by European standards.
I just wonder what it would be competing with. Maybe the new Opel Zafira?

At least, Citroen isn’t shy about pushing the envelope.
Something Subaru should be doing, instead of turning out super conservative designs.
Same for Saab.

These brands are all known for being different. Even weird .
Now, except for Citroen, the other two are getting so conservative…

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  1. I see lots of cues from Citroen's 2007 C-Metisse show car.. so glad Citroen got their mojo back! Hopefully others will follow..

  2. Despite the name, this car is based on the C4/DS4 platform (thus it can't have hydropneumatic suspension).

  3. The Zafira is much more family-oriented, a traditional small minivan. The old Opel Signum (which could be called a sister car to your Chevy Malibu Maxx) had a similar idea, though it looked much worse, of course. I think the closest thing to this right now would be the Audi A5 Sportback, or maybe it's somewhere in between that and an A4 Avant.

  4. This is the kinda thing Subaru should be focusing on…sharp, modern looking wagons…to help bring back the sportwagon to the USA…not rebadged RWD 2 seat coupes…

  5. this ds5 is just the same the was shown in shanghai some weeks ago. it has nothing to do with citroën c5 or c4/ds4, but with the peugeot 3008/5008 (length: 4.52m, just like the peugeot 5008), but it has its own special design, kind of SUV, of sporty, elegant car. like the peugeot 3008, there will be a diesel-hybrid-version with 200hp.
    the official version will be shown in Frankfurt this autumn and sold in Europe soon afterwards. As the ds4, the ds5 will be also offered with elegant full leather trim in the interior. the cockpit will have aeronautic design cues.
    it will really be a special unic car that tries to illustrate a new variation of avantgarde as the classical DS 55 years ago.

  6. Dear Anonymous, all of the 307/308/3008/5008/c4/ds4/c4 picasso/c4 grand picasso are based on the same platform.

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