1977 Chrysler Cordoba commercial

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I must say, after watching this. I want one!

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  1. My dad had one — trust me, you wouldn't want one. Random pieces of it would fall off as he drove it down the road and the car would always stall when it rained. Maybe not so bad in Southern California but a problem in the Midwest. He had it less than a year.

  2. The car and the man are both dead. So much for "corinthian" leather.

    Love the old commercials! Keep up the great work!

  3. My family had a neighbor with a white Cordoba. Being only five or six, I loved it because it was the fanciest car in our lower-middle class neighborhood that consisted of mostly Pintos, Beetles, Vegas, Malibus, Dusters and Datsun B210s. I remember how quiet it was and that I was fascinated with the power windows and antenna. I also remember how I broke a piece of interior trim and that the mechanical clock stopped running almost immediately after they got it.

  4. As cruisers go, Cordobas and other Mopar fare of that vintage and size are quite slept-on. Maybe for the reasons the previous commenters (I hate that term BTW) named off. Still, quite a looker, and I'd love to see more customized…

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