2012 Toyota Camry

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These are stills from video taken at what looks like a dealers meeting. Somewhere…

Even though a bit blurry, we can see the new Camry is an evolution of the current design. Pretty much what is expected.
The Camry is still the best selling car in the US and toyota has no reason to change too much. They do need to repeat customers.

Looks like the 3 versions were on the stage. The “regular” Camry, as well as SE and Hybrid.

The car is due this fall, so we’ll be seeing much more of it, very soon.

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  1. Wow, an oversized Corolla side profile.

    Of course it will be boring, and I don't like what I see so far. I don't expect great things at all.


    Those are the only midsizers I'd consider at this point in time.

  2. Okay.

    Looks like crap to me.

    But these are blurry images, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself…


  3. Increasingly it seems as though Toyota gets their design cues from the look of a freshly squeezed pile.

  4. Now we know why there had neen no mule/prototype sightings of the new Camry despite being so close to launch.. apparently they've been driving around completely uncovered.. and nobody even noticed!

  5. I can't fault Toyota for continuing to build boring cars. What's more disturbing is that they build them because people buy them. That says a lot about the automotive malaise that you see with most people.

  6. is that a chrome strip connecting the taillamps? I sure hope so because I would never purchase a new car if it didn't have that chrome garnish connecting the taillamps. Thank God Toyota didn't forget to place it there.

  7. there is a lot of kia forte in the wedge profile seen on the orange shot, this is a mashup of a lot of solid designs, but its definitely nothing special unfortunately

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