2012 Hyundai Eon

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The tiny Eon will be Hyundai’s cheapest car.
It is going on sale in India in a bout a month. Where it will compete with the Tata nano, while not being as cheap.

This is a tiny car, we are talking about a small 800CC engine producing 56hp.

Needless to say, this will not be sold in the US.

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  1. This is way better than Tata Nano. Looks like a scaled down Accent, and in good way. Hyundai really knows how to design awesome cars! Way to go Hyundai!

  2. @FusioptimaSX: Yes it is of course, since the Picanto is pretty much a re-bodied version of the Hyundai i10, which is made in the same factory as this will be.
    This car, I guess, would be the replacement of the Hyundai Santro, known as Atos in Europe and Mexico. In Europe it was replaced by the i10, which is a pretty basic car, and is made in India for the whole world; but in the Indian market they coexist, the Atos being cheaper. The car in these sketches looks considerably better and more modern than the i10, so it seems weird to have it sitting under it in the brand's line-up, but OK, whatever…

  3. You have mentioned some excellent contents in the post. They are all very informative and useful to implement. Keep updating.How much to pay for this car? I am looking forward for your new posts. Anyway, thanks for sharing…..

  4. This is related to the Picanto..I believe in Europe, this is the i20. I have seen a number of these Europe, it is a popular car.

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