2012 Skoda Citigo

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As you can see, it didn’t take Skoda too long to get their own version of the all new VW Up!

Specs are similar as well. With a 1.0 Liter engine with 60 or 75hp.

Skoda is supposed to be a cheaper brand than VW, so the Citigo should be even cheaper than the Up!
But somehow, the little Skoda does look more upscale to me than the VW. Not sure also what the deal is selling such similar cars.
I wonder if Seat will be getting a version of this too….

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  1. I feel like I've seen this somewhere before. Hmmm. Wonder where. This should be called the Skoda Cimmaron.

  2. Looking like this, I truly hope and actually quite sure, the Skoda will indeed exceed the the awkward looking UP by lenghts concerning sales figures

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