Mazda Takeri Concept

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This has “Next Mazda 6” written all over it.

Let’s hope they don’t tone it down too much for production.

But design doesn’t seem to be the problem for Mazda. The current Mazda 6 is still a great looking sedan. And it drives really nice too.
Yet, it doesn’t sell well.
They obviously need to do something more than produce good cars.

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  1. It's nice looking but compared to the Sonata and Optima, this concept already looks dated. In fact, it looks like the Jag XF which has been selling as the ultimate lady-car since March 2008.

  2. Design goes a long way, just look at Hyundai and Kia lately.

    Although offering a diesel may already seem special, however, a manual diesel wagon…now that will hit the ball out of the park.

  3. Build it Mazda – this is a winner with the new sky active engine. Reminds a bit of the new M styling – just nicer. they would need to keep 90% of this concept though.

  4. wont happen in the US anyway. EPA/CAFE killed the 6 – sales volumes are just too low to keep both the 6 and the cx's…

  5. Boring…

    Not a good reaction for a Mazda. I looks like the current one, minus the front end. They should realize from the sales of the current model that MAJOR changes are needed. The current was a complete turn off compared to the 1st gen 6. They should shrink it back down to its between C and D segment size and produce the Mazda 9 for those that want something bigger. It'll sell just as well as the current 6 while a smaller 6 will be a hit once again. The 3 is fine and I can see them making each step evolutionary.

    Sad to have this as sedan only once again…

  6. "They obviously need to do something more than produce good cars."

    Agree. However, it is sad that isn't enough to give them sales beyond what they have. They make good looking and affordable cars with a little sportiness. Perhaps American drivers just want boring and safe. Hence Camry is the car sales leader.

  7. Speaking from a young person's point of view the current 6 lost a lot of the youthfulness and distinct feel of the first gen the current one is very grown up in comparison

  8. Beautiful design language. Almost looks like the car could be rear-drive. That would REALLY shake up the D-segment!

    But yeah, unlike how passionate folks are about things like iPhones and Facebook, right now no one feels that way about bread & butter intermediates. Cool & athletic don't matter much here (though the Korean twins are shaking things up)

    The fact that there is no horsepower war in this segment speaks volumes (there should be at least 3 300+ bhp cars by now). Vast majority will grip a NA 4-cyl. Camcordima and get on with their workaday, kid-taxiing lives.

  9. This car looks awesome! I just hope they don't do seperate Japanese and American versions this time. I don't like the front of the current US version. Hopefully this new one gets way better fuel economy.

  10. Beautiful car. But the nose is waaaaaayyy too long. No young person is gonna want to buy a car that stretched Size it right, Mazda. The current 6 is sized for people buying a Buick (ie: geriatrics), not competition to Camry or Optima (buyers inclined to look at Mazda).

  11. I agree with John M.. Mazda's big mistake with the current model was upsizing it for the US market while dialing back the sporty. I'm guessing the next US model will revert to the Euro size (mainly because they won't be building them here anymore) and will hopefully be joined by hatch, wagon and Mazdaspeed models once again.

  12. All car companies influence with each other, so design is often a matter of reinterpretation. (To me, Sonata is a product of coping the form and the side of Mercedes and the rear of BMW)

    Mazda definitely looks good and awesome to drive, so I'll definitely consider it for my next purchase.

  13. To whom ever that said this looks dated compared to the Sonata, I am going to kick you int he groin if I ever run into you buddy. That said this is really nice, hopefully they keep this like it is in production. That said, for some reason I see a bit of Sonatas rear end in this car!

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