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After Skoda last week, it is now Seat’s turn to get a VW Up! clone.
No longer any surprises here. It is basically the same car in 3 versions.

Kind of weird. The price difference can’t be that much.

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  1. Actually seeing how much cheaper the SEAT looks i'd think this is at least 500-800 euros cheaper. The VW will be more expensive cause it looks and should feel more upscale inside and out. The Skoda also seems better inside and out than the SEAT. Overall i think the SEAT looks extremely cheap and its the least attractive of the 2. Also note that while the Skoda and SEAT share the exact same body panels on the outside, the VW has a distinct C-Pillar

  2. Seat Mii? As low-rent as this new little car looks, I'm betting the driver would more likely be seating me.. at Applebee's!

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