2013 Ford Mustang

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No big changes here. New more aggressive front end, cleaner rear lights etc…
I just don’t think the Mustang is that exciting anymore.
The interior is still shockingly cheap to me, every time I seat in one.

At least they keep the steering wheel interesting, unlike Chevrolet who switch to the boring one from the Cruze for the Camaro.

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  1. So does this mean the big revision for the car's 50th is being delayed or is it still on track for 2014? Sometimes the logic of manufacturers baffles me. Spending money on a very short term solution strikes me as wasteful.

  2. Not feeling the new front end… Actually looks less aggressive to me. The new tail lights look plasticky. The painted lower body mouldings make the car look more chunky, especially at the rear.

  3. The previous interior was so completely cheap, that even though this is a thousand times better, it has that stigma associated with it because it. The style is the same, but the materials are in a different league compared to the previous.

    Also, the shape of these tail lamps are a huge improvement. The current ones make no visual sense and look droopy. Hopefully these will illuminate in a much more sophisticated way than Ford typically does. It'll help with curb appeal.

  4. I like the changes but I don't like the new more prominent grill. Still no IRS??? REALLY??? A 200 mph Mustang is AWESOME though! WOW!

  5. This is a subtle upgrade to the current Mustang. I just can't wait for the new Evos version of the Mustang. That car is gorgeous and with a few changes here and there would make for one helluva 'stang.

  6. Vince, further proving you have no idea of what in he hell you are talking about.

    The dash is soft touch and FAAARRR nicer than any of it's competitors, including the Genesis coupe.

    When was the last time you were in the CURRENT generation Mustang???? Something tells me you havent been.

    This isn't coming from a Mustang fan or even a Ford owner, I just want you to realize the stupidity of your baseless comments.

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