2013 Audi A3

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This is the 3 door model. Which we will not be getting.
The US will see the return of the familiar 5 door hatchback as well as an all new 4 door sedan.

Looks like a nice update outside. But especially inside.
The interior is a big step up from the current version.

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  1. My A3 has been rock solid for four years. Looking forward to seeing the four door wagon version of this.

  2. Some of the things difficult to represent in pictures are the reasons Audi interiors are so great. When you touch any of the metal bits, they are the right weight, temperature, density and smoothness because it's all made from real ore. This is an area where all other automakers continue to cut corners. And it shows.

    As for the first comment about being unreliable. Nonsense. Audis certainly aren't inexpensive to maintain. No performance tuned car is.

  3. It's almost the same as the current outgoing (European) A3. These changes are as small as the Accord Coupe except this model is even older…

    Interior seems it was mostly taken from the A1. So not that thrilled about it but need to see in person.

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