2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo

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It looks like our US Fusion is the red car, while the white one is the new Mondeo for Europe.

A much better looking car than the current Fusion, but not as much of a leap when compared to the current Mondeo.

I am not sure this is really better looking than the Kia Optima or other recent mid sized cars.
Still, I am sure this could be a big hit for Ford.
And making life even harder for the Taurus as well…

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  1. Okay.

    The ass-end does nothing for me. And I'm not totally on board with the front end. And the greenhouse is fairly nondescript.

    But other than that…

  2. Sorry but this is a major disappointment for me. The rear is a total Sonata ripoff, and the front looks like it belongs on another car. The steering wheel looks like it came from a Fiesta. The overall styling is not fluid. No thanks.

  3. I believe this may be based on a Mazda 6 platform as the roof line seems very similar to the Mazda 6. The front fascia of course looks like has been derived from an Aston Martin and the rear looks inspired in the old designs of the KIA Aspire.

    If it continues to be based on Mazda underpinnings, the drive and fuel efficiency should be OK. It may continue the tradition of sung Japanese technology.

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    This is a STUNNING vehicle. Ford, please produce an ST version with around 280HP and a manaul. PLEASE!

  5. Here comes all the critics on every new car coming out. I think ford has the auto makers buy the balls with their new line of cars and suvs.

  6. Available in the most configurations of any current midsize Sedan on the market (3 regular engien choices, hybrid, and Energi Plug-In Hybrid), they are going to win this segment hardcore. I'm not fully a fan of the design, but it definitely looks solid and more expensive than it will be. Can't wait for the MKZ!


  7. I don't see much difference between the Mondeo and the Fusion. The headlamps are a bit different, but both of these cars are stunning. I've been looking at the A7 and think that it's the best looking car available today. I would like a little more of a distinctive tail lamp and rear end treatment on the Fusion, just as Audi has their stunning LED units. But if you cover up the logo, it's just as attractive as the A7.

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