2013 Smart ForTwo

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After 5 years and shrinking sale numbers, you would think it’s time for an all new model.
Well, it is. But an all new Smart isn’t ready yet.
So for the next coupe of years, we’ll be getting this.New lights and bumpers, basically.
Which is really not enough. Especially now that the more modern iQ is sold in the US through Scion.

Good luck…

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  1. Looking slightly worse, and the current model is uglier than the original (not sold in the US).

    Nevertheless, Smarts still put a smile on my face every time I see one, and they're a fun drive in spite of the poor shifting. I wish Mercedes had the guts to make a fast one.

    I suppose we'll hear from all the over-compensators who need twice as much metal around them just to feel safe enough to leave the house.

  2. In all honesty, I'd take a Smart over an iQ any day of the week.

    The iQ has a crap interior, and looks positively stupid (worse than the silly Smart).

    At least the Smart has premium interior materials and you can actually get it serviced at a Mercedes dealer if needed. Scions are kids cars.

  3. Ive only seen one of these in my area and its signwritten up with company logos. I noticed that the driver was embarrased driving it more than anything

  4. Along that same note, Target Stores are getting new shopping carts too! Picture the soft top in red with storage underneath.

  5. Spotted quite a few of these by the beach with my date last night. Definitely come in handy with the tightly kerned parking over there.

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