Production version of the Honda EV-N Concept?

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Could be.
It looks like Honda might be working on a production version of their 2009 retro concept.
Inspired by the cool N360 from the 60’s.

This would give Honda something to compete with e Fiat 500/Mini crowd.
And a good doze of style and personality, which they desperately need.

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  1. Too little, too late. Pun not intended. Not all retro cars have worked out so well. Ford Thunderbird being one example. It just seems that maybe if this design had come out before the 500 it may have worked but it just seems like "me too-ism" now.

  2. I think an inexpensive retro Honda could do well. They still have a good quality image.
    The Thunderbird was way too expensive, and available with a V8 only. Idiotic…

  3. Dose not doze, just sayin'.
    I would rather Honda do something futuristic and ultra modern than retro.

  4. I like the idea of the front. It's something that they should definitely pick up as a design element for one of their small cars. But everything from the a-pillar back is too conventional, third world, and not very interesting. The wheels are horrendous. The plastic hubcaps look cheap and disproportionate, even as an artists rendering.

  5. They should go really retro and stuff in a motorcycle engine that revs to 10,000+ RPM and wails like a banshee. That's what put them on the map in the 1960s.

  6. I wonder what the mileage would be. Apparently there are SEVERAL class-action lawsuits against Honda for cars failing to get the gas mileage that was advertised? (see Honda Hybrid batteries have burned out early, and as they do Honda Hybrids rated at 50 MPG are getting less than 30 MPG!
    In a world where 2012 Full-size 300HP Dodge Chargers are getting 31 MPG that's pretty poor! First Toyotas skeletons come falling out of the closet and now Honda's. Who's next? Kia???
    Suddenly GM/Ford/Chrysler/BMW/Mercedes Quality is looking pretty reliable!

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