The famous Lincoln door concept

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We have seen this before, mostly when one of these prototypes came up for sale last year.
But I hadn’t seen this official video.

I think this looks fantastic. Lincoln need something like this to put themselves back on the map.
The next MKZ will have an interesting giant sunroof option. Something that slides all the way back above the rear window, which could be pretty cool.

We’ll see…

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  1. Looks great in dry weather, but think of the rain or sleet/snow that would pour into your car while in the down position, or the water that would splash up from cars passing along the street on which you just parked. I don't think this will fly.

  2. nothing says lincoln and american innovation like classical music paired up with a european accent narration.

  3. I don't think would be sufficient to do that, suicide doors maybe..but they need to design a good looking retro inspired car first.

  4. This would be expensive to fix if anything ever broke down in the mechanism. besides, i doubt it would pass safety standards today.

  5. Hi

    This video is very old.
    I sais 2007 but I think I already saw it even before.

    Perhaps it's too expensive for then to use in a normal for sale car.
    Only rich Bens S people would pay the extra for it. Not the regular grandpa who buys Lincoln.

    Love your blog!

  6. This would have been a wreck if the car bottoms out. Plus with any ford/Lincoln electrical glitch this would be retarded.

  7. or you can just mount gull wing doors on your honda civic and delude yourself that everyone thinks you are cool.

  8. Why isn't this in use today?! There are plenty of vehicles w/o a B-pillar, and are perfectly safe, we have ways to make anything structurally sound these days. Hover cars may not be possible, but this sure is! I'm sure there is a work around for dead batteries as well. Rain,snow, etc. are just as likely to get inside with normal car doors. These close/open just as fast!

  9. Though it seems like a great idea, I hardly think that folding outer armrest would be an acceptable substitute for the federally-mandated side impact beams in regular doors in the event of a crash!

  10. Interresting. Don't see any problems other than cost (you could meet 5star side impact but it would be costly). GM did the same thing 40 years ago on all their full-size wagons and they worked flawlessly even when the cars were 30++ years old. Even in freezing temperatures. It would add weight (and lower MPG) and probably be too expensive since no one company has the "economics of scale" that GM had in the 1970's to lower the cost per vehicle. Thanks, Vince for digging up something most of us have never seen before!

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