2013 Toyota Avalon

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Sure, this is one of these exaggerated sketch.
Still, it seems that the new Avalon could turn out to be quite a good looking car.
The sharp slant of the rear window matches the spy shots we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

Looks like the trunk opening could be really small, unless it is a … hatchback.
Which could be quite a departure for the big Toyota sedan. But also what they might need to make sure it’s not another “big Camry”.

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  1. LOL a few days early for April Fool's no? Given Toyota's long track record of hideous sedans, I am not holding my breath

  2. Autoblog.com has spy pics of the new Avalon and it looks lke a big stretched out Camry…better be good because if not Toyota will lose sales to the new Hyundai Azera!

  3. Current Avalon was a big leap BACKWARDS from the previous one. At least this looks like an improvement–from what little we can see!

  4. I talked with a dealer who said the new Avalon is drop-dead gorgeous. I hope he's right, but by the standards of the current old-fashion Avalon, most anything would be an improvement. From some spy photos on other websites, it looks to have a Camry-inspired grill which is not a good sign.

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