Fiat 500 L

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Just a small movie teaser until we see more. Very soon.

I bet US Fiat dealers will be very happy to see this one coming over here.
It is not really related to the 500. As it uses a larger and different platform.
But the front end gives it that “500 look”.

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  1. its pretty basic really, for Fiat to succeed here, they need a relatively full lineup. A midsize car, this car, the original 500 and an SUV the size of the Nissan Rogue. If that doesn't happen with very good product quality and fast ( within 2 – 3 years) and good deals, they will have to retreat again. Come on Sergio, there is a fellow Italian here giving you pearls for free. You might charge millions for this kind of success platform. call me….

  2. Simple retro design shouldn't at the same time look old. And the 500 does. That, the size, the price for these is part of why these are failing to sell. Nothing new here…moving on.

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