Nissan Cube test drive Coming up.

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I will be driving a Nissan Cube all next week.
As usual, will try to answer any questions you might have about it.

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  1. Vince,

    What's with all of the Nissan/Infiniti cars being evaluated? Do you have a special connection with them?

  2. I am not sure Vince has a special connection, but rather an afinity for some of the world's finest automobiles.

  3. As a diehard Nissan guy I have to agree with the comment above. New Nissan is terrible. Compare 90's Nissan to Nissan of today. Riches to rags. They should be ashamed of themselves. Message to Nissan: DUMP THE FRENCH CONNECTION!!!!

  4. What an ignorant group of comments for the most part. Nissan is considered a world leader in quality, inside and out and style and performance are second to none. I have always been a Nissan and for obvious reasons , it continues. Grow up children of noonday, Kia and Honda. Nissan is the leader. As for the French connection, Renault is a fabulous company building seriously great automobiles. Now they have a deal with Mercedes, another great. Company, Nissan reigns supreme!

  5. Oh please anon at 8:12. Need a tissue? You seem like you're in quite a state of denial. Nissan built driver enthusiast cars back in the day. Think r32 skyline, pulsar gtir, silvia etc. Ever since they made the "deal with the devil" aka Renault, they've come out with one boring ugly car after the other. That new Gtr doesn't even come in a freakin manual for christs sake.

  6. Nissan make some of the most consistently ugly designs these days. They are good cars for people with bad credit though

  7. I owned nothing but Nissan from 1985 to 2007. The newer stuff since Ghosn (major cost cutter and it shows in the products) and Renault came into the picture is very sub par to Nissan stanards of the past. Infiniti seems the only part of Nissan that has gotten better, but it has struggled. The VQ V6 has been rebored and rehashed, its no longer the best V6 out there like it was. In It's 3.7 litre size, its actually rough. Anyone who thinks Nissan is as good or even better (heaven forbid anyone can be that ignorant) than it used to be knows nothing about Nissan and what they once were.

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