2013 Lincoln MKZ. Now with its own design, and push button transmission.

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Even though it is still pretty much the same car as the Fusion, at least it doesn’t look the same anymore.
Just like what Toyota does with the Camry and the Lexus ES.

And the new giant power glass roof is an exclusive to the Lincoln model. So is the lack of a shifter on the console.
Engines are the 2.0 Liter, similar to the Fusion. As well as the 3.5 Liter V6.
The Fusion Hybrid powertrain is also available.

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  1. A truly outstanding styling job on both vehicles, and it's really nice to see FoMoCo giving each line their own (very nice) look.

    In particular, I find the new MKZ very handsome, even pleasantly avant garde.

  2. Great looking car. I haven't been a Lincoln fan in years , but this one looks allot better. But am I the only one that thinks the push button transmission might be a problem especially with the push start stop ontop of the "P" button?

  3. I do think it's worth noting that there is no single exterior panel shared between the two cars. They look like distinctly different, beautiful cars. Every carmaker in the world shares drivetrains between car and truck models. So I'd say that this is a great success for Ford/Lincoln. Finally, Lincoln is building a sexy car again.

  4. With the trunks getting shorter and shorter, they should offer a hatchback like Mazda did with the 6 a few years back.

  5. Wow, this thing looks so freakin' incredible.

    The 3.7 AWD MKZ is definitely on my short list of next vehicles.

  6. Nice exterior — better than most the competition. Disappointing interior. Needs wood desperately–or is this just the base model? I'll stick to my 5-Series with wood the full width of the dash.

  7. You know what, if this drives well, I would consider getting this over a Lexus. Glad to see Lincoln taking themselves seriously.

  8. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but the production Lincoln lost something vs the concept shown earlier. Maybe it's the stance or something. Inside and out, there is still a bit too much Fusion. Don't blame Ford, GM is doing the same thing in what looks like a wholesale trend to badge engineering.

  9. I applaude them for gunning for Toyota Lexus on this, and for not modeling Lincoln after the bavarians, as everyone used to try to be. In natural lighting, this new entry level luxury car looks stunning! I can't wait till they shrink the next-gen Taurus slightly so that the next gen MKS will be in a better position to take on Caddilac, Buick, and Lexus.

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