BMW 3 series Diesel spotted in the US

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So far, the new 2012 3 series is not available as a diesel in the US.
The previous one was, but BMW claimed the new 2.0 Liter Turbo is getting such good mileage, a diesel wouldn’t make much sense in the US anymore. I guess.
But now, the new 3 series is rated at 33MPG on the Highway. While BMW was hoping for a 36 MPG rating.
I am pretty sure a modern diesel would have no problem getting at least 40.

And from this picture, it looks like the 3 series diesel could return to the US for the 2013 model year.

(Thanks to Timothy for the pic.)

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  1. I've been seriously thinking of getting the new 33MPG-36MPG 328i. Don't think I would put up with the higher price, inconvenience, smell & mess at the pump associated with Diesel unless it got at least 50MPH+++

  2. these cars and porches and audis do not require spy shots or to be "spotted", thay haven't changed over the past 10 years. way too pridictable and they will pay the price soon.

  3. Isn't this the 2011 model? Those don't look like the 2012 taillights to me (unless they are so similar I just can't tell anymore).

  4. Some of the "Efficient Dynamics" 3-series BMW's for the European market get 50+ mpg. Unfortunately, the price of diesel in the USA plus our regulations that require urea injection make it unattractive to all but a dedicated few. I've driven some of the new generation of diesel cars in Europe and they're great. Lots of low-end torque and great mileage. I say BMW should offer their 4-cylinder diesels over here in the 3-series and X1/X3 for two reasons – to give that rabid but vocal minority who prefer this kind of vehicle somewhere to turn to besides VW/Audi and for the publicity.

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