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A few days ago, the teaser for this C Concept looked like it could be a preview of the next Honda Accord.
Well… Lets hope not.

The general profile could be fine, but the horrific front and rear ends should never make it to a production model.
It looks very.. well.. Chinese.
Which, I guess, is fine since this concept is for the Chinese Auto Show.

We’ll see what happens to this one….

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  1. Certainly 'interesting', though I serious doubt that most of the better elements (or even the overall proportions) will find their way into the next Accord.

  2. Good god! Looks like something that North Korean royalty would design for themselves. Such a regal, stately front end. Such a dominant rear end. Truly!


  3. My fear is that this might become the next Euro/JDM Accord.. which would be the next Acura TSX/TL replacement in the US (TLX).

  4. I like it… also.. vince you have yet to post a thing on the Acura RLX concept…. actually there was a bunch of new stuff at the New york show that never made it….

  5. finally, an original idea for the led rope light trend – creating shapes rather than simply roping the lights in existing blobs….

  6. "creating shapes rather than simply roping the lights in existing blobs…."

    At least the lights are functional. A big piece of plastichrome for a grille just looks trashy.

  7. It looks as if the ILX designer has been busy. Honda has recently found some design elements which look good for the greenhouse and sides of a car. So they will spread it around to various models.

    Sadly, it seems that the front/rear were designed by a different team, who have no idea what they are doing.

  8. nice car, should be a good car to challenge the sexy new altima as an accord. If not, the altima will be a runaway success.

  9. I've definitely been one of the haters of Honda on this blog, putting out some of the snakier comments. There's no question that the front of this car is ghastly, the body lost and busy and the rear too. I believe though that there could be a pretty car in there.. There's something sensitive about the DLO and the overall proportions. I'm praying that Honda finds its way from the depths of styling hell. I so want them to succeed ad my Mom needs a new Accord soon and I don't want her to be embarrassed to be seen in it!

  10. It's a sad commentary on we humans when looks takes precedence over everything else. So what about the performance? What about the handling? What about the feel of driving the car? I say screw the looks as ALL cars in this price range look mostly the same.

  11. It's not a sad commentary you bleeding-heart. With all of the good design available nowadays at even the bottom of the barrel; a travesty such as this Klingon-styled Honda is inexcusable. It should be beautiful, relevant, have tons of power, be efficient AND handle great. That's the base expectation nowadays.

  12. Re: Mr. sad commentary- Get over it- Humans respond to beauty. If we lived in your world, It'd be Rachel Maddow in the Carl's Jr. Ad, not Kate Upton!

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