More pictures of the new 2013 Nissan Altima

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This is also one of the nicest looking car in its class. At least on photos.
Actually an improvement on the current one, unlike the new Malibu.

Starting at $22 500, it is not the cheapest mid-sized sedan out there. But its 27/37MPG rating is quite excellent.
A loaded SL, still with the 2.5 Liter, is about $28 000.

And if you pre-order one now, they’ll throw in free maintenance fro 3 years.

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  1. It definitely looks better than the 'test mules' foreshadowed, but still pretty safe overall and hardly the aesthetic equal of the Optima or 2013 Fusion.

  2. It really does look nice for the class, but Nissan's insistence on only offering CVTs is a killer. I've rented them, I've driven them, I don't like them. I'd certainly prefer a stick, but if I have to go auto then I want a proper auto.

  3. It's pretty dull, but for a loaded one at $28k it'll sell like crazy. It'll be interesting to see how the new boringmobiles will compare to one another. A head-to-head between the new Impala, Altima, and the existing Accord and Camry will be interesting. I think the Fusion is the best design of all of them. We'll see how they all perform.

  4. I read in a press release on the new Altima that both CVT and manual transmissions both will be available on both the V6 and 4 Cylinder models. Being a manual driver, I was excited by this news. I went to the 2013 Altima website to build…and NO MANUAL is offered on ANY trim level of the Altima. CVT ONLY…Boo Hiss. Nissan…I remember when you used to be a drivers entusiasts automobile company. So sad.

  5. best looking in the midsize class – better than fusion or optima….

    sales will break 400k units
    by year end….awesome

  6. poor simple ignorant people, the Nissan CVT is the most reliable CVT ever made and is more reliable than conventional "dinosaur" transmissions. Why, small size, light weight, and millions of research and developemnet $$$ spent over the past 10 years. In fact, it is predicted that most other manufacturers without the foresight to build and invest in CVT technology will be licensing their CVT from Nissan. That being said, Ferrari and Maserati and Lamborghini do not offer a stick shift in "any " of their cars any longer. Bottom line on this car is, It is the best looking mid size car available and it will satisfy millions of drivers and set a new standard in the segment. Well done Nissan, I see a very progressive and modern company here.

  7. Good looking car…especially when compared with the Accord or Camry. Still like the Optima and Fusion design as well…should be an interesting comparo.

  8. Other than a couple new accent lines, I"m having trouble understanding how this is really different from the last design.

  9. "poor simple ignorant people, the Nissan CVT is the most reliable CVT ever made and is more reliable than conventional "dinosaur" transmissions."

    Seriously??? Someone is high.

  10. Ferrari and Maserati not having manual transmissions offered is proof they cater to the consumer with Moolah…Douchebags who dont enjoy real driving, cars are just status symbols to them.Who cares?


  11. I can't believe how many of you are fawning all over this car! To me, it looks like a mix between new Versa sedan and Maxima. I'm not impressed. Plus the interior is very bland and boring!

  12. I have a 2003 murano with 285,000 km on it (Canada). Our winters get to -30 degrees celcius and our summers up to 28 degrees celcius. It has never given me any problems.

  13. Nicely proportioned. But wish they had wheels with more flairs. (And removed the stupid rear chrome bar.)

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