Mustang V6 Test Drive.

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Ever since I test drove a couple of versions of the Camaro, I was curious about the Mustang.
I recently had the chance to test drive the more popular V6 version.

I am not a really big fan of the changes for 2013. The more aggressive hood. And especially the blacked out rear end.
With a busier tail light design than before. It all adds a cheap aftermarket look to last year’s design.

My test car also had the manual.
So 305HP and a 6 speed stick does sound great.
Plus, I have driven the smooth 3.7 Liter V6 in other cars before. Like the Taurus, Flex, CX-9.

It all sounded great.

Until I actually drove the car…

The engine sounds rough from the second you start it.
I was actually quite amazed. I know the RWD Mustang is supposed to be sportier than the Taurus. But how could the same engine sound so bad.
It doesn’t sound sporty at all. Just cheap and rough. A truck or tractor engine is the closest thing I could compare it to.

The 6 speed shifts OK, but nothing amazing. And the shifter has a pretty bad case of the shakes at idle.
The steering is fine. So is visibility.
But the ride is just like the engine: rough and unrefined. Not sporty, just rough.

The interior is trying pretty hard to look 60’s. But it has a late 80’s low quality feel to it.
Everywhere. Lots and lots of shiny hard plastics. And switches that look like they’re from an 80’s Explorer.

And, what a great design, the center console storage opens almost every time you change gears. It’s that poorly designed.
Your elbow hits it almost every time you shift.

I must say, this was a big disappointment. It makes the Camaro feel and sound like a Rolls.

I know I will get plenty of hate mail from Mustang lovers, but it’s time to bring this car into the 21st Century.

My test car retailed at a bit over $31 000.
Which is way too much for what it is.
You can, of course get a more refined Camaro.
And the much more refined Hyundai Genesis coupe V6 I tested over a year ago was about $30 000, loaded. With GPS and Sunroof, which the Mustang did not have at that price.

I really wanted to like it so much….

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  1. I work at a dealership that has both Chevrolet and Ford.

    The Camaro is a nice car, so is the Mustang. Camaro you can't see out of or get navigation… Just saying.

    The ride of the Mustang differs greatly depending on which wheels you opt for. You were driving around with rental car-grade wheels, the smallest ones on offer. The engine sounds the way it does because every person that gets in it, I sh*t you not, thinks it sounds beefy and "like a V8." Although I personally tend to agree that it could sound better. Also, I doubt you were driving one with the different rear end limited slip…

    Then there's the fact that you're overlooking that this car can be had for $21,000 after rebates, gets about 30 MPG highway and goes 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Now think how inexpensive this performance will be in the next 3-5 years pre-owned. Motor Trend puts it best, "But despite its corpulence, it can accelerate, turn, and stop quicker than most of the competition." That's from 05/04/2012 online.

  2. There is a lock to prevent the center console from opening if you do tend to rest your arm there. It doubles as a safe as it requires the Mustang key to be locked or unlocked. It does kind of suck that the USB is in it, though.

    Also, the Mustang is a cool car for someone with kids because it is the only sports car with Ford MyKey, which makes it so you can limit the vehicle top speed to 65, set the maximum volume to the stereo, and have a persistent seat belt minder should the teen driven ( spoiled enough to get one) forget to wear their belt–making it pretty much the best choice if for a teen driver up against the Camaro or other cars.

  3. As far as I am concerned, it is a great drive in a clumsy retro design. It's dashboard looks like it needs some imagination.kind of unatractive.

  4. Wow, how disappointing, I actually stopped by a Chevy dealer to take a look at Camaros the other day and I must say they looked pretty well put together inside and panel gaps outside looked good.

  5. This car has CHARISMA in spades. The style alone sets it apart from all others. If you don't love it–then you don't get it. Period!

  6. The Taurus/Edge/Flex/Explorer/Fusion Sport/MKZ has the 3.5L…

    The Mustang/MKS/MKX/F-150 has the 3.7L version.

  7. The Camaro Beat's this car on looks alone! That and the V6 is so much more powerful! Look at both cars, the Camaro looks screwed together more so than this car! A fixed exterior antennea in 2012? Really?

  8. That was the V6 for $31,000?!?!? There are many better choices that that coin. By 80s Explorer, did you mean the Bronco II?

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