“New” Lexus LS not all new?

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Comparing today’s picture of the next version and the current one doesn’t reveal an all new car.
Like some said, it just seems like a mid cycle refresh.
With mostly a new front and rear end. And that, after 6 years!

Good luck…

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  1. Sure doesn't look like it, but then again one could easily argue that (allegedly) 'All New' vehicles like the new 3-Series merely look like the old one with a new front/rear and a cheap looking tablet plopped on the dash after they forget to integrate the NAV system, or the spy shot of the 'new' Mercedes S-Classe looks like nothing more than the old one minus the 1st generation Ford Focus fenders and a new front/rear.

    Oh Well…

  2. Isn't that the same as the 'new' ES 2013? Almost identical as well.

    Interesting how Lexus is saying they will make their design more exciting again and then just change the front as if that makes the entire car more interesting.

  3. This is just the 2nd refresh of the 2007 model, what a joke. They pulled a Camry here! They only bothered to change the shape of the trunk lid part of the tail lights (although the inards are going in a different direction).

    – FusioptimaSX

  4. This isn't a surprise to anyone. Toyota has used the same basic platform for the Corolla since the late early 90's. It gets massaged, updated, etc.. but pretty much the same car. Now everyone is doing it – even the once great Honda… so, not surprised. But how the mighty have fallen.

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