Opel Adam

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After years and years of illustrations, guesses and spy shots, we finally get a good look at Opel’s all new city car.
Which will go against the Mini and the 500.

It seems to me that all these’ fashion cars” work because they are a modern version of old familiar designs. Like the Mini, Beetle and 500.
These new cutsy small cars, like the Audi A1, don’t have much of a personality.
And it looks like the Adam is trying very hard.

Maybe a bit too hard…

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  1. I have to disagree, this car looks like it has a nice little style to it. At first glance, I thought it was very similar to the Ford Ka. While different, the design seems like it has actual detail and could look good in person.

  2. When you decide to define the pillars and greenhouse with aluminum trim that resembles what was used to attach vinyl roofs to every car sold in the 1970s, you're definitely trying too hard. Adam should be rolling in his grave.

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