2014 Ford Fiesta

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Looks like the European model is pictured here.
But it looks great, and quite an improvement.
The Asto Martin front works pretty well on a $15 000 car.

The biggest improvement seems to be inside. Where, at least on this model, the trims are vastly improved over the super cheap current interior.

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  1. Wow! Ford surely made a cheap car look upscale to the likes of the VW Polo and some other European subcompacts. My only complaint about the latest Fords are the spaceship, video game inspired cockpit. I recently rented a Ford Focus and felt very distracted by the various lights and gizmos. I could hardly tell what speed I was going or where to turn on the AC. Ford, just keep it simple.

  2. Vince, what in the hell are you talking about a super cheap interior?

    I don't even like Ford, but nearly every single automotive publication rates the Fiesta as having the nicest interior in the B segment hands down. Nearly all of the primary touchpoints are soft touch, and the secondary surfaces have a decent quality plastic.

    Please, don't say something just to say something. If you don't know what you are talking about, then don't speak.

    Your blog is really starting to bother me. You've been doing this for eight years but you still write and act like a complete amateur. If this garbage continues, I'll remove you from my bookmarks like I've seen many other people do.

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