All new Jaguar F-Type

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Sure, a little busy up front. But overall quite nice looking, at least on these early pictures.
A good match, it seems, for the Z4 and SLK.
So far only V6 power with 8 speed auto is offered.

A 4 turbo with manual could show up next year as the base model.
As well as a V8.

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  1. The overall design and proportion feels very similar to an S2000, which isn't entirely a bad thing. The rear is very unique. Also not a bad thing. The front looks plasticky and overwrought. Will have to see it in person.

  2. OUTSTANDING! Car looks like the best of Ferrari California, BMW and Nissan 370Z, ….and a bit of Granturismo. I own a Granturismo Convertible in red. This car can turn Jag around. Gorgeous!

  3. Awesome car! Really cool rear end. This will bring Jaguar a lot of new customers I guess. Good Job, Jaguar.

  4. If this was Korean people would say, "the headlights copied the Nissan Z, Ashton Martin and 2007 Altima." But since it's not Korean it's orginal. Ignoring that the seats copied the Solstice.
    The side grill is found on the Mini Cooper, BMW, Land Rover Range Rover, Ford Flex, Ford Focus, but only the Kia K9 is the copycat since it's Korean and the Pontiac G8 can get away with it.

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