More pix of the new 2013 Honda Accord coupe

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Seems that Honda has decided it looks best in red, for some reason.
As almost all official pictures available are of the red car.

It seems like a convoluted version of the previous, cleaner looking one.
And that front ends looks so old.
Nothing great, really. A coupe should be something more special…

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  1. 100% agree.

    This is one of the last larger coupes on the market so not much choice otherwise. And it seems Honda canceled ILX coupe plans but probably that would have looked just like civic coupe or a 2 door ILX.

  2. Nice evolutionary design. The more I see it, the more I like it. That's usually how Honda design team works so this design will age will. I dont agree with the red, not exactly sure why they picked this color as its the worst one on the coupe IMO. This design is on par with the last generation (2009) before the refresh. The refresh really ruined the rear for me a few years ago. Exterior is nice, interior is amazing looking, we'll have to wait to see how it drives with the new Earth Dreams engine. HP will be 278 on the V6 (7 more from last year). It should be a tad quicker form 0-60. And based on history, Im sure it will handle great.

  3. Do people really buy coupes anymore? Besides the 3 door hot hatches like the Mini Cooper and GTI, and of course the American monsters like the Mustang and Camaro, I hardly ever see coupes racing about. If I were in the market for a coupe of this style, I'd much prefer the New Scion/Subaru or a Hyundai Genesis.

    This new Accord Coupe really is as boring as a sporty car could possibly be.

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