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These are pictures of the production version of the concept we saw earlier.
That concept looked really boring a year ago, and this doesn’t look any better.

It actually doesn’t look more modern than the current RL. And that car came out in 2005!
It just look a bit weirder. Like an overgrown ILX.

There are so many other great choices at over $50 000. Life will be very tough for the RLX….

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  1. It looks like a GM product, like an upscale Pontiac. I like the multi-bulb headlamp but I hate the shape of the headlamp. They should look to BMW and mercedes for inspiration.

  2. Incredibly unimpressive design-wise.

    Where this thing really shines is the powertrain though, Vince. 300+HP and it still is going to get 30+MPG in the city.

  3. I can't even begin to explain my disgust with Acura in the recent time. By all means they're products are extremely reliable and that is very important but they're designs are horrendous. If this car was 35k maybe it might fly, but with. Horrible interior, even worse exterior… They need to get back whatever designers they had when the Legend was around because they are in desperate need

  4. Saw the concept on the autoshow circuit last year. A completely unimpressive design inside and out. It was totally ignored by showgoers and the stand was always vacant.

    Acura has a steady stream of buyers, though, who are looking for a reliable luxury appliance – The prestige cars for those who hate cars and for whom Subaru is too downscale. Like buying the OXO peeler at Target when the plastic one at Walmart would suffice. The success of the RLX will thus probably completely depend upon its pricing…

  5. Honda is just being lazy. This car is barely bigger then a 5 series, so what is the point of its existence? Especially when its interior is not very impressive looking, why have something slightly more expensive then the TL with no size, design, features advantage?

    The ES and the GS works for lexus because there is a world of difference between the two. One is a competent 5 series/E-class competitor, and one is a floaty entry level luxed up Camry with no inspiring driving dynamics. What is the case for the existence of the RLX anymore if this is the route Honda is going to take?

    I say cut your loses, slim down to the MDX, ILX, TL, TSX, and RDX, all of which are the most popular and hotly contested segments, and where the profits are.

  6. No way from these photos to have an opinion. And if some are trying to shoot it down by simply commenting on the grille, it is worthless since we all know the design language of Acura for the front. The question is whether it can smoke some if its more cute rivals in the straight and the twisties. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone thinking he is fast until he realizes that an underachiever car like the RLX gets glued on his tail and gives him the "oh shit!" moment.

  7. Really dated looking and that front fender detail is from hunger. The dash design on this and other Acura models just doesn't cut it anymore…I actually like the new Accord bettter than this, inside and out, even if it is a derivative design!

  8. What's with the headlamps? It looks homemade and amateurish, like four flashlights lined up. This car clearly was designed in Japan. Japanese bureaucracy is the only explanation for this milquetoast effort. Honda won't change until they are compelled to change. Until then, non-thinkers will still buy the cheap TLs, and the 50k RLs will continue to sit on the lots as they always have.

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