All new Saab 9-3 coming up.

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This is pretty much the car version of “The living dead”.
Saab was “National Electric Vehicle Sweden” last June.
When the Chinese investors announced their intention to produce an all electric version of the next 9-3, based on the all new Phoenix platform.
The plan was to introduce the electric 9-3 in 2014.
Now there seem to be a rumor about a regular, non electric, version of the new design, which could come out before.
No one knows yet what engine that car would use. As NEVS would have to find someone to provide the engines for the whole new car to be produce in Sweden.

This sounds like good news to me.

And a cool design, plus a focus on electric is what they would need to “be different”.
Which they had not been for so many years….

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  1. I bet Saab's dissolved dealer network is just champing at the bit for this. Their delivery trucks have brought nothing but dust for years. I don't know how they make money staring at rats in the corner.

    I like this design, but this thing has a chance of selling as much as the Acura ZDX. Maybe. Seriously.

  2. Car companies with less of a cult following have survived after major overhauls. If they were to produce a car like this picture, I'd put a deposit down tomorrow.

  3. dog and pony show. who can afford to manufacture anything in sweden? a petty attempt to sell off this sucubus.

  4. It's a shame that Saab will never really sell. The current 95 is a good looking car. This photo of the next 93 is also good looking. The problem is its more of a car company that doesn't really have much of a status. It's along the lines of Volvo, but without die hard buyers. This is a car company for upper middle class people that don't really care about cars. Shame

  5. A nice evolution of an already excellent GM design. But profitably building engines in a Socialist Sweden? Never gonna happen–UNLESS the taxpayers of Sweden prop it up with government funding–which Sweden has done before. (That's why the standard of living is so much lower in Sweden than in the US.)

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