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The all new sedan version of the redesigned A3 is supposed to become the most popular A3 in the US when it comes out next year.
So far, it looks like the same car we saw earlier as a “concept”.

One of these fake concepts that basically take the production design and just add larger wheels and car show details like futuristic door handles etc…

It will be competing here mostly with the new small sedan based on the Mercedes A Class.

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  1. BMW 3 series have gotten so big over the years, they introduced 1 series.

    Audi A4 have gotten so big over the years, they will introduce an A3.

    There is definately a trend…

  2. Dav…

    What do you drive? Probably a CamryCorollaAccord.

    Audi makes the least "boring" sedans on the market today.

  3. I love this! Look at the window betwee. The b and c/d pillar. It reminds me of the a4's from the 90's. love that they are putting out a smaller 4 door

  4. Not as impressive as its big brother, the Chrysler 300, but probably cheaper. And the Chrysler is only 31MPG so this being much much smaller, I'm expecting 50MPG. If I were a dwarf it would definitely catch my attention.

  5. @Anonymous:

    No… I don't drive/own any of the vehicles you mentioned, though it's really none of your business what I drive/own.

    Additionally: Given the childish manner in which you chose to lash out at my comment, you're likely just another of those who long to 'someday' own 'premium' vehicles (as many of us already do) but lack the resources to do so, so you just lash out at anyone who's opinion differs from your own e.g. Audi 'designs' = So Utterly Boring.

    Have Fun With That.

  6. I really hate how this site seems to only get comments when the Anonymous option is allowed. Always have, always will. They could all be the same 1 or 2 ppl, easily.

    On to the car: I'd much rather see the hatch. Just like I'd much rather see Audis that don't break expensively. But I guess this sedan will do until America decides they'll buy more than 4-doors and SUVs.

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