Chevrolet Spark test drive coming up.

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The Spark might be recent to the US, but it’s been around other countries for over 2 years now.
Still, I am driving one for a week and will be reporting on it.

As usual, please ask me anything you would like to know about it.
My test car is a pretty loaded model which costs almost $16 000.

So far: quite a bit of fun!

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  1. I always want to know how tall the writer is when they test and analyze a car. While all manufacturers spec the headroom/legroom dims on their vehicles, I think it would be helpful to know writers size. I am 6'5" and depending on the rake of the windshield and the position of the steering wheel it will effect the driver's position of comfort. My wife's HHR, while enough legroom for me, the head room is lacking due to the small green house. While my FX35 has plenty of both but obviously 2 very different vehicles. I am looking to down size my FX to a more economical driver due to 100 miles daily drive in LA traffic. Just a thought that would be helpful to the rest of us who don't have the ability to test drive so many cars. Thanks

  2. As I am just 5'11", it is pretty hard for me to tell if there would be enough room for someone 6 inches taller.

    There seem to be plenty of room left above my head.
    And the seat can be moved back a bit more than what I have now…

  3. I'm 6'0" and my Dad is 6'2" and there is plenty of room to spare whether sitting in the front or back seats! They did the interior right! I feel more comfortable in the Spark than I did in the 2013 Fusion.

    Driving dynamics are a different story however. You feel every bump and good luck merging onto the highway! Cruising around town and acceleration at speed while already on the highway is actually great however. You feel the downshifts when slowing down though, but nothing terrible. What I like least is that it stays in 3rd gear when going 35 MPH with the auto.

    Because I'm used to driving a manual, the pedal response is sporadic at times. I press within a certain threshold and nothing and at other times I barely tap and it reacts like it's full throttle. Maybe it's a Chevy thing because I noticed a similar occurrence while driving a Tahoe.

    I'd like to try out a 5 speed, but none seem to exist.

    Maybe one day they will make an RS with the 1.4L turbo…there's plenty of room under the hood, but fat chance.

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