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Just a few more pictures of the next GTI. Which should be introduced soon in Europe. But will take a bit over a year to come over to the US. With the regular Golf.
Same engine but power is supposed to be up to 230hp.

Now we hear the diesel version, called GTD, might be coming here as well.
The GTD has been a hit in Europe with the previous generation. And VW is pushing their diesel models in the US.
So a sporty diesel here could be a great idea.

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  1. There was a time when the VW GTI was a fun little car, but now it's just little more than a heavy/bloated/overpriced mess with (essentially) the same styling it's had for around 20+ years.


  2. Another all-grey VW interior. Too bad.

    The dour and cheap interior is one of the main reasons why I didn't get a GTI this time around. Walked into the dealership, asked if they could get me something nicer. The answer was "no," so I walked right back out.

    I've driven recent GTIs, and I like the mechanical package, but there's no way I'm spending my money on an interior that looks like a manic-depressive's daydreams. The odd red stitch doesn't make-up for the dreariness of all that grey plastic.

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