Fiat 500L 7 seater

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Fiat will soon add a 7 seater version of the new 500L.
Not sure what the name will be. maybe 500XL?

But it is not coming over to the US. We are getting a small SUV instead.

The cute 500 is starting to get really, really ugly. The longer it gets….

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  1. As much as a truly adore the 500 (Abarth), this thing is absolutely hideous in every conceivable way!

    Kill It With Fire!

  2. Awful and this really dilutes the 500 brand name. Actually it just takes a huge dump on the brand name. This should never have gotten past a sketch on paper. Can't believe they are actually going to make this thing. I guess Fiat really does mean Chrysler in Italian.

  3. what a disgrace to all things Italian. Known the world over for all time as leaders in Music, food, design, cars, motorcycles and then this…..come on, Fire the idiot that designed it, start over and fix- a- cut. Make it work and stop embarassing the whole of Italy. With all the resources that Fiat has, this is unacceptable, Period!

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