2014 Kia Sedona. Yes, 2014….

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If it looks like the 2012 model, that’s because it is.

For some weird reason, Kia chose to take a year off and sell the same minivan again for 2014.
Just when you though it would return with an all new design.
Go figure…

Here is some of  the official PR BS:

  • New lighting and grille highlight the latest version of Kia’s 7-passenger minivan
  • Premium touches added to Sedona’s fun and functional design 

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  1. And it looks like it's from 2001. I don't know about some of the stuff Hyundai/Kia is doing lately. Not good.

  2. That segment has been totally ceded to Odyssey and Sienna. Can at least Chrysler step back up?

  3. I can hardly believe this…this isn't in Kia's character to keep something from 2006. As fast as they are putting everything else out. Put the Optima or Cadenza next to this and you'd think they were two different makes. How very GM/Ford of them. What happened to that concept that was supposed to be the replacement?

    – FusioptimaSX

  4. Chrysler leads this segment by such a large margin (selling over half of ALL minivans under the Dodge/T&C/Routan names) that Honda and Toyota can't even catch up. Why does Kia/Hyundai even try? Besides these are ALL about versitility & practicality. If you can't fold all the middle and rear seats into the floor in an instant–there's no reason to buy your minivan over an SUV. Sorry Kia.

  5. wow, hope it is super cheap because it looks like a ford minivan that they stopped making years ago

  6. Having rented a fully loaded Chrysler T&C over the weekend while on vacation and comparing it my Sedona, the T&C is a giant turd. Not only did it feel and drive way heavier, the transmission was clunky and the ride was very noisy!

    I find it amusing that Kia/Hyundai can make a better van in two generations than Chrysler could in 6.

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