New Cadillac logo coming up?

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Apparently, Cadillac is thinking about a new logo.
Not a bad idea, since their cars are new really modern looking. That logo is getting very old fashion.

They are actually thinking about getting rid of the laurel wraiths.

What do you think? Which one of these should inspire the new one?

And… How a bout a small change for the Chevy logo too while they’re at it. (Like getting rid of the gold.)

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  1. There is no reason to do a new logo. Cadillac has what the Japanese do not have, legacy. Combined with the Germans and Lincoln, Cadillac has a pedigree other luxury makers cannot purchase amongst those that really care. Would Mercedes "ever" change logos? BMW….? Hopefully these Cadillac Marketers have better things to do mess with pedigree and a logo that is decades in the making is not something to replace. While their at it DO NOT CALL YOUR FLAGSHIP THE LTS…. are you insane????

  2. I've been thinking about this for a while. They also need to get rid of their old looking cursive "Cadillac" badging too. I'm not sure if they still have the name "Cadillac" written anywhere on their cars anymore. By the way, I think the emblem from the 50's is great. I still like the current emblem but it would be great to see something different.

  3. Please GM do not change the Cadillac logo again. It is a classic and way cooler than any of the generic Asian competition!

  4. If anyone should change their logo, it should be Lincoln. That said, I hope the new one is sleek and luxurious. The 50s style always looks good to me.

  5. Cadillac needs a freshened logo, so I am in favor. Too bad it won't happen before '15 (say the Caddy folks). And yes, absolutely Chevy needs an update as well: Removing the gold insert would be a start. It really cheapens the logo.

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